About Lionel Krieger: A Passionate Pursuit of Genuine Results

In the intricate web of the digital marketing world, I’m Lionel Krieger, your dedicated navigator. My journey through the vast realms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a tale of passion, realization, and relentless pursuit of tangible results.

Once nestled within the walls of bustling marketing agencies, my days were coloured with insights and experiences that many might yearn for. But, as the days turned to months and months to years, an epiphany struck me in October 2020. I observed a prevailing trend: clients, with dreams as vast as the African skies, often found a significant chunk of their investment seeping into management costs. More often than not, the genuine, ground-level work – the kind that truly powers SEO and paid campaigns – took a back seat.

It was a revelation that weighed on me. How many dreams were overshadowed by overheads? How many aspirations thwarted by unnecessary costs?

This was the catalyst for my transition from agency life to freelancing, and it was more than just a professional move. It was a heart-driven decision to ensure that every penny you invest goes straight into realizing your vision, not getting lost in operational overheads.

Think of it this way: when you collaborate with me, you’re not just hiring a freelancer; you’re securing a partnership that values genuine effort over extensive overheads. A partnership that assures you’re only paying for performance, with no extra weight of management costs. Simply put, I bring to the table cost-efficiency wrapped in expertise, ensuring that your digital footprint resonates with both purpose and impact.

Beyond the freelancing sphere, I wear significant hats that amplify my commitment to the field. As a pivotal player in the South African Freelancers Association, I am on the frontline advocating for the rights and growth of freelancers. And with my role in the Ecommerce Forum South Africa, I engage with the pulse of digital trade in our country, keeping abreast of trends and ensuring that you’re always a step ahead in the digital game.

My transition to freelancing isn’t just a career choice; it’s a testament to my undying passion to deliver authentic results. So, let’s weave a digital story together, one where dreams are not overshadowed but rather brightly illuminated for the world to see. Join me on this journey; let’s create digital magic.

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