About Lionel Krieger: A Passionate Pursuit of Genuine Results

I’m Lionel Krieger, your guide to mastering the world of digital marketing. With roots in traditional agency settings, I’ve seen firsthand how overhead costs can siphon the lifeblood from your marketing efforts. That’s why I struck out as a freelancer in October 2020, offering services such as Google and Bing Ads, Google Shopping Advertising, search engine optimization, website copywriting services, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and first-party cookie setup.

My mission is simple: cut the excess, amplify the results. When you work with me, you’re investing in pure expertise. Every penny goes directly into crafting campaigns that deliver tangible growth for your business.

I’m not just a freelancer; I’m your strategic partner. This commitment extends into my active roles within the South African Freelancers Association and the Ecommerce Forum South Africa. I stay ahead of the curve to ensure your digital strategy is always cutting-edge.

Let’s illuminate your brand’s online presence. Together, we’ll craft a digital narrative that cuts through the noise and drives real-world impact.

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